Scenes & Measures

by Jake Webb & The Commitments

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released January 23, 2018


all rights reserved



Jake Webb & The Commitments Lincoln Park, Michigan

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Track Name: Spilled Tea
So you’ve got pretty eyes
And you’ve got a curvy mouth
That don’t make up for all the bullshit
That you let spill out
You ain’t been on my mind
I Haven’t thought much about
Our time together since the night that I
Flipped the table on our falling out
You’ve been quick with the drinks
If the stories are true
Truth be told I can’t say that I laughed when I
Heard he laid into you
But sometimes life swings a glove
And I choked and I fell
But I pounded my chest, and I pulled on the ropes
And now I’m taking this fight to the bell
Cause I Know I am a better man than
The one that you insisted that I was in the past
And I’ve been feeling peace of mind
I Found the man I was trying to be he was
Gasping for breath when you were lying to me
You’ll have to find a way to sleep with yourself at night
When I’m not there by your side
So you play solid roles
You’ve got some tricks up your sleeve
But sooner or later you’ll have to figure out
Who the hell you really want to be
I’m not the center of the room
I count the cracks on the floor
But you can count on the fact I won’t be putting on an act
For some dickheads looking for more
As life pulls you down
You deserved more than this
The rumors and a poisoned kiss
A scream without a sound
You chose a fall from grace
To prove that you could make mistakes
But I won’t be your solid ground
Track Name: Hang Me High
It trickled out
It trickled out and it stained my soul
I wanted out
I wanted out but you wouldn’t let go
We talked about
We talked about one last trip down the road
It’s been a few years now
But that’s not enough for self control
Hang me high
String me up now with your lies
I wanna die
I wanna die right here tonight
Let’s take a drive
Hit the water in the bright moonlight
I won’t survive
I’ve gotta die before I feel alive
Fleeting dreams
You and I were gonna see the sights
I’ve gotta move on without you, babe
I’m feeling old and running low on time
I can’t speak
This solitude keeps me down
The world’s playing a sweet, sweet song
And I can’t make out a single sound
Track Name: Natalie
Natalie, obsession lead us down a narrow path to pain
And I'm to blame
The grass seems green, but relentless voices leave me a broken man
It’s coming down again
Why is this still happening to me?
I’m lost at sea
Why is this still happening to me?
Oh, Natalie
Natalie, you deserve a saint and settle for a lowly rogue
You’re better left alone
I can’t read the answer to the questions in my head
Things better left unsaid
Track Name: Street Corners
I passed you on the road today
I saw everything that’s changed
Three seconds of silence speak louder than words
The look on your face can’t be misheard
Time stands still in moments of pain
I’m left to face things left unexplained
This belt and this door can’t keep inside
The thoughts that we left behind
Everything that you told me I was
I can’t make it go away
All the plans that we’ve left undone
I can’t make them go away
All the melodies we’ve left unsung
I can’t make them go away
I’m far from being numb inside
I turned that corner and I saw your face
It wasn’t a coincidence, I’ve been scouring this place for an
encounter with you because I want to prove to myself I’m alright now
Only I’m not
All the postcards and letters clawing my brain
I can’t make them go away
All the thoughts of roaming hands being carefully placed
I can’t make them go away
Another day another girl left unloved
I can’t make this go away
All the times that you’ve shut me out
I can’t make them go away
All the words that you spoke in a kinder voice
I can’t make them go away
Every time that I think of your fucking eyes
I wish I’d been fucking blind
Darling, it should come as no surprise
I can’t make this go away
As I steady the shake coursing through my hands
I can’t seem to understand
How the distance between us has grown so wide
Now it’s pain and disdain inside
I’m waiting on the healing hands of time
I can’t keep these thoughts confined
God damn these memories our town holds
I can’t make them go away
I can’t make this go away
These streets and these homes have a soul all their own
We will never be left alone
I turn these corners and I see your face
I can’t make it go away
Track Name: Felicity Jones
Brothers and sisters
Is it tap, tapping on your brain
An incessant flicker
Promising you’ll never shake the pain
Brothers and sisters
Are we the product of our thoughts
Drown Lucifer in liquor
But relief can’t be bought
Oh, Felicity Jones
Why can’t I find you in this town
The chase keeps on pulling me down
It’s getting hard to resist her
I shut my eyes, I turn my head away
Sooth my temperamental temper
Help me find the light through the haze
It’s getting hard to resist her
The guilt sinks to the bone
Am I the man I’ve insisted
Or the one that I’ve hoped
I've tried
But this state gets cold and unkind
I've lied
But you’re not crazy, you’re no fool, you’re not blind
I can’t hide
Push forward and leave the past behind
Sometimes it gets too hard to fight
Track Name: The Distance
Tell me now, darlin
If I walked with the swagger of these other men
Would you find me charming?
Could I ever contend?
I know that you don’t owe me love
But if I could write you a song
Empty every breath from my lungs
Do you think you might ever sing along?
Or, would you care at all?
Baby, would you care at all?
Cause I’m going the distance
I’m going the distance for you
I won't resist this
I’m gonna find a way to break on through
Tell me, my sweetheart
If I just gave you my voice
Screamed your name until it just fell apart
Could you and I ever rejoice?
Track Name: Trouble
Discovered finch
I’ve evolved into loving you
You jumped, I flinched
You held my hand and you healed the bruise
A swipe of fate
To compensate for a lack of nerve
My shaking hands with the touch of yours
When trouble comes around
Her beauty quells the sounds
Of broken dignity and vows
Oh, my love the solace you allow
A better man
You insist that I deserve your heart
A loving friend
Honest words that never fall apart
Still terrified
By the odds of an average life
Side by side
Any path can keep the flame alight
When trouble comes around
Her beauty quells the sounds
Of broken dignity and vows
Oh, my love the solace you allow
When my soul is weighted down
And I can’t find my breath
She pulls my knees up off the ground
Loving you is so effortless
When trouble comes around
Ohh, darling it's scratching at the door again
Wonder if it's ever gonna end
It's swelling in my chest ain't
Giving it a rest I’m
Gonna need to take your words back in
Track Name: Pills
You must be warm wrapped tight in all the pretty wool
That you’ve been pulling down over my eyes
Everytime you’re on about how you’ve been reborn
I trade some truth in for your lies
You quit your rambling and you’re here to stay
But you’ve come back to a different world
Your tongue was pouring me sentimental promises of change
But the threads were loose and the seams came unfurled
I’m done with
Your pills and drinks and needles and powder
My skins too coarse, my bloods too thick
I’m finally moving on without her
I’m high as hell on oxygen
I’m not sure if these marks will ever smooth or fade
But I’m feeling clean and I’m seeing clear
I’m packing up just like your saintly mother prayed
I’ve got a love and she speaks sincere
I’m done with
I resolve to shed the nights that weigh us down
And turn all our flaws into solid ground
I’m done with

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